Thursday, 8 August 2013

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England

Hey, so yesterday i went on a wonder around the beautiful city of Cambridge, renowned for it’s educational prowess but also its culture. Here are my best shots.
I captured a lot of the bicycles, I mean, I don’t know what they think all over the world but here Cambridge is definitely considered the city of a thousand bicycles, or maybe that’s just us locals? I swear they rule the roads over the cars in this city. There are lines and lines of bicycles on racks, something about that I really like. The centuries old bicycle dominates the city, and that is pretty refreshing. It keeps the place feeling natural. 
I love the punting as well. Anyone can go punting when they come, experience and explore the river for themselves. image
This guy was awesome. If you’ve ever been to London there are ALWAYS people dressed up as statues and then all of a sudden they’ll move. This guy was standing still in some statue-like pose and then suddenly when I took the photo he stuck his thumb up, it was cool, maybe you had to be there but I could not leave this photo out. image
There are tons of carts like this, I thought this one was particularly pretty, but there are ice cream carts all over the place and a little bagel place.image
I just had to, this looks like a hot spot. Tucked away but this rainbow cafe looks like a lot of fun.image
imageDamn, this seriously was a hotspot YOU MUST SEE, imagine the chocolate shop in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, you know the one with the candy man, remember? It was just like that. Every sweet, every chocolate. This place was incredible. There was a spiral staircase going to the basement where there was more. It was only a little shop but I think that made it better. Sometimes those big stores feel empty, this one felt bursting full of life and excitement. Really I mean I may sound like i’m going over the top but you have to see it for yourself! 
There is another shop called Providence I should also mention briefly, as it really captured the ‘Free People’ vibe, everything was a little quirky and bohemian, it sold bowls and rugs and other home furnishings. Again, just a tiny shop on the corner.
This was the first time I had seen it, but I guess I was paying more attention for the little different things like this. image
This place is full of quirks and little shops that you accidentally find and then adore. I love it.

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